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The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter

The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter
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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Earth Devouring Black Hole "Pure Fiction"

Are you worried about the Large Hadron Collider? Are you worried that you aren't worried about it? Should you be worried?

Think about it. If The Large Hadron Collider Produced A Microscopic Black Hole, It Probably Wouldn't Matter at least so says UC Santa Barbara Physics Professor Steve Giddings and his co-author Michelangelo Mangano of... wait for it... the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN - it's French) - who are about to turn the LHC!

Do I detect a conflict of interest here? Well, do I?

The idea of particle colliders producing black holes that could devour the Earth might make a good film script but according Steve Giddings, it's just "pure fiction".

Well, They would say That, wouldn't They?

(Am I getting the hang of this conspiracy style thing?)

Junk Stuff (because I can't figure out how to finish the other post on Wormhole time machines, mostly because I haven't the faintest idea how to re-write the metric for a twisted wormhole in Kerr coordinates instead of the customary Schwarzschild coordinates...)


JTankers said...

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