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The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter

The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter
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Monday, 28 July 2008

Calling All Planets

The New Scientist Space Blog pondered here the possibility that the International Astronomical Union might change the definition of planet yet again - promoting Pluto back from "Dwarf Planet" to full planet again. (I confess I'm one of those who don't like the current definition of planet, in particular the criterion of "neighbourhood clearing")

The side effect of one proposed redefinition would be that other objects, such as the asteroidal dwarf planet Ceres and the trans-Neptunian objects Charon (Pluto's "moon" - or one half of the Pluto-Charon double dwarf planet), Makemake and Eris would also become planets, giving us 13 (thus far), and then the blogger Stephen Battersby oh so casually solicited mnemonics for the set of the 13 - and I succumbed, as I have done in the past... (c.f. Googlewhacking which wasted days of... days)

So here they are:

First attempt: nothing special , but a musical theme.
My Violin Exudes Music - Concertos Jostle Sonatas Unborn - Never Played - Charming Melodies Effortlessly
Second attempt: preserves the first two letters of each "planet" name in the mnemonic to help remember which is which (helpful if you are confused by the thought that Eris - the goddess of Discord - would be a better name for the 3rd Rock from the Sun).
Merciful Vera, Eagerly Manipulating Cerebro-spinal Junctions! Sacral Urgences Necessitated Placid Chiropractic Manipulation Erenow!
I am resisting, as best I can, the urge to do one that preserves the 1st three letters of each planet's name.

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