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The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter

The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter
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Monday, 7 June 2010

Creativity Strikes (at last) in Ladakh

A chorten (the Tibetan form of stupa) is

a mound-like structure containing Buddhist relics, typically the remains of a Buddha or saint, used by Buddhists as a place of worship

There are rather a lot of them in Ladakh...

This photo is of just a few on the slope below Shanti Stupa in Leh, Ladakh

The Chortens of Ladakh
Chortens crowd the valley floors,
    Chortens mount the steeps.
Chortens climb the ridges;
    There are chortens at the peaks.

Chortens loft the sun and moon,
    Chortens shelter bone.
Chortens case the scriptures;
    Every chorten is a tome.

Chortens shine a bright, lime-white;
    Chortens light the air.
Chortens chant in silence;
    Every chorten is a prayer.

Chortens meditate by day;
    Chortens dream of sleep.
Chortens know their purpose
    Is the promise that they keep.

Chortens are the testaments
    Of chorten-builders’ faith;
Every chorten is a last bequest –
    And all of them decay.

Chortens are impermanence –
    Chortens show the way;
Chorten brick, like human flesh,
    Is merely will-full clay.

When the wind has flayed the flesh,
    When sun has bleached the bones,
When ice has pierced the marrow,
    There is no strength of stones.

Chortens rise and chortens fall,
    Lime-white pales to grey;
Chortens are impermanent –
    And scripture too decays.

Chortens moulder on the hillsides,
    Chortens crumble on the plains,
Chortens tumble from the ridges;
    The lotus flower fades.

Chortens teach what chortens know –
    Each teacher makes it plain –
Chortens must be raised anew...
    Lest wisdom too decay.

June 6th 2010; Oriental Guest House, Leh, Ladakh