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The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter

The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter
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Sunday, 24 May 2009

This little piggy...

By implicit request ("popular" would be an overstatement)

Questo porcellino andata al mercato
Questo porcellino restata sui casa
Questo porcellino mangiata rosbif
Questo porcellino non e mangiata niente
Questo porcellino urlato... ui ui ui ui (ad libitum...) tutte le strada di casa

Corrections welcome...

And as a bonus...

"Si six scies scient six saucisses, six cent six scies scient six cent six saucisses"... which even the French have trouble saying/hearing

The arch-duchess's shoes are probably dry by now...

Tongue Tripping Stuff

PS "a Czech cricket critic"


Anonymous said...

The game's going on rather better now...

Have you figured it out yet?

Mr Stuff said...

Have I figured it out yet?

The problem is that there are conflicting clues - on the one hand Sophie & James - to whom I may also have mentioned Jabberwocky - were the recipients of an emailed Little Piggy, but on the other hand Carol - to whom I may have mentioned Little Piggies - was definitely involved in the discussion in Cambridge re Jabberwocky. I can't think who else might be following this blog.

However, if everyone would please assemble in the drawing room after dinner I shall proceed to eliminate the impossible and then publicly announce the solution to the case...

Anonymous, with a comment, in the blog.

Why did the dog not bark in the night? Because there was no dog!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but there is always a dog. One simply cannot live without a dog.

Mr Stuff said...

One cannot live without "a" dog.

I knew you would understand the method!

The absence of the dog was indeed the cause of death! So, having accounted for the body... we must then ask which dog was missing? Which dog barked not in the night?


However... in the finest Whodunnit tradition we now highlight the fact that Anonymous has posted at 04:19... now who would be awake and posting in the middle of the night...?

Did someone want to go walkies?

Anonymous said...

Walkies? Hardly. My voice just isn't high enough.

I am Sir Oracle,
And when I ope my lips let no dog bark.

Mr Stuff said...

Ooh er!

For the benefit of the equally ignorant, it seems anonymous is smirking in the direction of The Merchant of Venice (see e.g. http://www.bartleby.com/70/1911.html - yes, I googled it)

Act 1, Scene 1. Gratiano. Nice speech actually...

To which the natural reply is therefore...

O, my Anonymous, I do know of these,
That therefore only are reputed wise
For saying nothing; when, I am very sure,
If they should speak, would almost damn those ears
Which, hearing them, would call their brothers fools.

... which means either more, or less, or perhaps neither more nor less than I originally intended. I'm not sure.

Having rarely - if ever - been accused of manufacturing sententious silences, my foolhood has been manifest since I first opened my mouth. Make of me what you will.

Currently the options seem to be:

a) elimination of impossibles (tedious)
b) find bodkin (er...)
c) accuse playful, dog/bard-loving, insomniac/alien abroad at home with driving me insane and plead for mercy
d) continue to enjoy the Masked Magician's show

At least I know you're not David Copperfield (1 down, >>6x10^9 to go)

Anonymous said...

On learning of your new abode
I thought to stop to say hello
But reading your blog I could not resist
A little tease, a little twist
You might say I am quite a brat
But you, my dear, are still a prat

The magician is modest and has no desire to be publicly unmasked (please).

How many more clues do you require?

Mr Stuff said...

On learning of my new abode?

What? Who on the announcement list (which I assume was the provocation) did not know where I lived?

And me? Still a prat? Well... yes... but surely you can't think my pratitude was some arcanum to which so few are privy that their fewness would allow me to unmask you with ease?

How many more clues do I require? Depends what you mean by "clue" I suppose.

If by "clue" you mean not-untrue words that you see as suggesting or alluding to your secret identity then A.

If by "clue" we were to mean instead something I might recognise as identifying you, then B.

A. Quite a lot - I was never very good at painting by numbers.

B. Just one - if it's a good one. (How many "brats" quote Shakespeare? Greater internal consistency please!)

However, assuming such modesty as you claim a less anonymous email rather than blog comment is probably in order :)

Sheesh! As if I didn't have enough on my plate working through the "manuscript" dealing with such things as "Check phase of moon! How many days elapsed?" or "This bit doesn't make sense - what was I thinking?"

Maybe I should check the moon... maybe I went mad and didn't notice. Maybe I'm posting comments anonymously on my own blog in my sleep.