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The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter

The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter
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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

IT - The Book. Pomegranates and Knowledge

So.... I promised some explorations of what IT is, time to deliver!

It's been tough recently, I've got rather bogged down in small but important details (Do I hear a "Ha!" from Mr Bubley?), in fact I've just had to email a friend and ask what the root structure of the pomegranate tree (Punica Granatum) looks like.

Yes, it is important - I have a pomegranate sitting on the kitchen table right now, I know how many sections the fruit contains (5 to 7), how to open one (cut off the calyx having noted the divisions between the sepals - score deeply along the lines they suggest and open up, remove nasty tasting membrane), how big they are, what their leaves look like, and even how many grains they contain et cetera et cetera et cetera (you don't really want all the weblinks where I got this stuff do you?).

But, today's effort has been more epistemological... I hadn't heard of the Gettier Problem before and it was interesting to contemplate. Suffice to say (and no surprise to my Malvern chums) I have decided that Knowing is not a state of being, but a process, the process of taking a true belief and telling it like it is. I say no surprise to the Malvern Modellers because my affinity for processes is well known... almost everything is almost always a process , and if it isn't, it's becoming one.

Of course in the book this is all much more poetical and there isn't really time to go into all the ins and outs. That's the point of the book I suppose, to sweep across the ground in a sort of philosophical blitzkrieg in search of denkensraum...

Read it and weep.

Now however I shall be delving into 20th C British History (but that's offline), so...


Yours (parenthetically)

Mr Stuff