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The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter

The Budapest Office - Castro Bisztro, Madach ter
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Monday, 14 May 2007

Steganos Safe 2007 - The Saga Continues

Remember that I told them there was a bug?

"Impossible!" they say.

One large heap of irony later...

"I have to confirm that is a bug in our encryption engine that an UDF file cannot be larger than 2GB. As far as Dev-Team told me right now, they are working for a fix. If this is available, Steganos Update will inform you about automatically and offer you to download. No need to remind, we know what we have to do."

So that's OK then... except it isn't: despite going to look for updates at just about every possible opportunity, thereby causing Vista to annoy me with yet more dialog boxes, the updater finds nothing - despite the fact that at the time there was an update.

Is it fixed? Don't know; they don't seem to publish a change log. There was an update, as I said (9.0.6); I got it, and now I have a whole heap of other little issues - one of which just might have been my fault - but like so many other software vendors, the idea of wiping their own arses when I uninstall (i.e. clean up the registry properly) seems beneath the dignity of such impeccable German software developers.

I can't seem to find out how to completely remove the damn thing just so I can start again.

And do I get any satisfaction from the sogennante "support" department? Nope.

However, I have tracked down the CEO of Steganos and have said he is my next port of call.

CEO's are usually able to fix things, but it is rather sad that one has to attempt the equivalent of low earth orbit insertion using an elastic band and a pair of swimming goggles to resolve what should be resolvable at much lower levels.

I'll let you know what happens...